Like a blue chip stock, a good investment property performs well and increases in value over time. There are numerous facets to successful real estate investing.

Purchasing an income property can be a financially rewarding experience but before taking action it is imperative to get expert advice. As with all major purchases, there are risks that need addressing. It is important to be guided through the financial, legal, municipal, and tenancy aspects. As an investor himself, Michael Lepore knows firsthand what constitutes a good investment. He advises many investors, each with distinct reasons and requirements for buying investment properties.

There’s a lot to consider and while it may seem daunting from the outset, doing sufficient research and engaging an experienced real estate advisor is key to making it work.

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As a Real Estate Agent in Vancouver and Richmond BC and investor in real estate, Michael Lepore knows first hand what is important in a good investment. He has worked with many investors in the past that all have their own reasons and requirements when buying investment properties. From the flipper, to hanging on for the long road ahead. It is important to know what challenges you can face and most of all the benefits you can achieve in the long run.

For information on investment opportunities in the Vancouver Real Estate and Richmond, B.C. Real Estate markets, please contact Michael Lepore with the Lepore Accolade Real Estate Team by phone at or by email:

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